The Double Edged Sword

When you’re a nice guy; in business. People tend to take advantage of that situation. I don’t know how many times “clients” have expected me to presume work on their website without charge.

They end up blaming you for (bugs) you did not create. Of course, if you don’t fix them, they can slander you, post misleading reviews, and even freeze your paypal account.

After you receive money from a client, you need to live up to all of their expectations and more. ( Remember your hard earned money is their hard earned money as well)

If you don’t, you will get a horrible attitude and even the worst case scenarios, e.g, slander, reviews, freezing paypal account.

The other side of the sword is the ability to help someones goals come to fruition, and your own sense of accomplishment.

Basically, it’s a tough business. Don’t try to one up the customer though. You will inevitably fail.

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