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Silverbullet 1.0.0 only - June 24th, 2009
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The Tips'n Code section provides you with snippets of code to save you precious time. You will find tips for Wordpress, Linux, Pligg, phpBB, and other Cms software.
We have released a few free templates for Wordpress and Pligg. We strive for perfection when creating new designs as well as bringing innovative, well-coded templates with fresh perspective.
The news section is dedicated to Qkin happenings. We will try not to be self-righteous by only adding a moderate amount of news. We will post our current projects, new features to the site, and other things that you're not interested in.
Intriguing web related headlines will be found in this section. The majority of the news will be related to our cause on Qkin, which is design, linux, and CMS, i.e. don't expect to find news about I Tunes.

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Theme Versatility Lite - November 30th, 2008
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