Make your valentine’s day more special.What can sound sweeter than the word думfreebieдуќ? Maybe the word думloveдуќ? And what about the combination of both?We got you a beautiful deal of free Valentine vector graphics with artistic watercolors. It includes 11 valentine cards &Њж25 love badges. These customizable vectors will help you to: Deliver aЊжsweet message Make your design more appealing Make your loved ones feel special Give a personal touchЊжon t-shirts, mugs, wallpapers, etc.Sneak peek into the Valentine vector graphicsЊжfrom Freepik6 advantages ofЊжusing vector graphics in designing: Images can easily be enlarged without distorting them.ЊжThe image remains sharp and no parts of it will look differently. When the image is stretched, it doesnду»t get blurry or pixelated. Components in a vector graphic can be individually manipulated.ЊжIt will help you save time and you wouldnду»t have hassles if there are corrections for the design. It can be edited to contain certain attributes like color, outline and fill. A smaller file size is easier to transfer and if used in the web, it is easier to load.ЊжIf you will make a huge image, it will still have a smaller file size compared to an image done in Photoshop. VectorsЊжcan be scaled to whatever size you want without losing the quality. Since vectors uses lines, it is easier to work on detailed images. Also, your detailed illustration will look sharp. These are better than high resolution photographs most especially if you will use this for presentations, demonstrations and technical manuals.Deal Terms – Delivered as an instant download once you place order Available in .AI and .EPS formats You are free to use for personal & commercial purposes You can share it and modify it, but it’s necessary to credit the original creation as “designed by”Grab this beautiful deal for FREE!

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