Add a sea of stars to your designs.As Web Designers, you are in constant look out for inspiration for your projects and inspiration can be drawn for anything in the world.Today, you’ll find it right here! Today’s freebie brings you an inspired piece of art- 100+ starry night elements.A perfect fit for: Website & Banner backgrounds Posters & flyers, wall decors & wallpapers Print designs, book covers, pillows covers Handbags, T-shirts,Њжmugs Business cards, invitation cards & moreSneak peek into the starry night elements from Advantages of using vector graphics in web designing: Vector graphics look good in print -ЊжThey look better in print and are sharper, too. It is easier to print them, and you wouldnду»t have problems with seeing that square stuff in your image. It will be clean and precise. No image distortion -ЊжYou can do away with this bad thing in designing if you use vector graphics. Images can easily be enlarged without distorting them. It is ideal for detailed illustrations -ЊжSince vectors use lines, it is easier to work on detailed images. Also, your detailed illustration will look sharp. Good for animation and presentations -ЊжSince the graphic is clear, it is good to be used in animations and presentations. Caricatures can be done in vector. The graphics will not only be clear and sharp, but it can also be easily interpreted by those who view it. Can be easily created -ЊжIt is easy to create drawings based on vectors, but it could give you an output that looks complex. These are done using Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, and Corel Draw.Deal Terms – Delivered as an instant download once you place the order Available in .ai .png .jpeg .psd formats You can use them for your personal and commercial projectsGrab these 100 starry night elements FREE!

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