Icons bring life to the website and web apps.Today, we have got you a set of 50 awesome modern icon sets for your next web project.These noteworthy sets of icons will make a great addition to your arsenal and help to grab the user’s attention. You can use these icons to: Create countless graphical variations Freely use them on your site since they are fast loading Turn them into call to actions or buttons Add them to your marketing flyers Use them when you require scalability since they donду»t require HTTP requests for each characterAnd guess what, theyду»re all FREE!Preview of these 50 free web icons from IconifyDesigners want their sites to look good, so itду»s important that they can make the site function properly as well. Give the people what they want: function and design.Some Web designers currently design only in the browser. There are benefits to this: cuts development time down, allows you to see the limitations and reactions of the actual browser with regards to the design, and is more natural than designing in a program that has nothing to do with the Web.Itду»s pretty common for Web designers to know how to code at least the front end of websites (HTML/CSS/JS), so designing in the browser makes sense to them.With the trend of Web design moving out of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch and into the browser more, I anticipate many other Web designers starting to work on their HTML and CSS chops.Deal Terms: Delivered as an instant download once you place the order Available in .SVG and .PNG formts You are allowed to use them for any personal, commercial, editorial or client purpose in an altered, cropped or otherwise modified or manipulated way You may not be directly or indirectly licensed, sublicensed, sold, resold or redistributed alone – even for freeGrab these 50 free web icons Today!

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