50 Tips For Pligg

Do be relevant to the times.

Choose an untapped niche. Search google for relevant terms.

Choose a tapped niche and do it better.

Adjust descriptions to be at least 250 characters.

Clean up spam immediately.

Stay updated with the latest version of Pligg.

Keep a list of your code changes.

Use a customized template.

Better yet, use my template.

Put a no follow tag on upcoming and tags page.

Submit your RSS Feed.

Add your RSS feed to Feedburner.

Ping your site with Ping O Matic.

Save yourself time and buy Plingger.

Submit articles from unknown websites that are useful. You’re likely to start a positive relationship.

Submit articles, linking to high ranked pages, because its good for SEO.

Add your Pligg to a few high ranking directories.

Add your Pligg to Pliggsites.com.

Use Adsense. Float a 250 x 250 float:right;width: 250px to the right of the story. And a 336 x 250 margin-top:8px; at the bottom of the story. Blend the ad to the background color, no borders, black text, same color link as the other links on your site. Increase the length of the description under configure > submit > description from 10 to at least 250.

Register for the Pligg Forum.

Add your link to the footer of the Pligg Forum, ask questions, answer questions, and get feedback on your site.

Use search engine friendly urls. They are easy to read and google loves them!

Not exactly the case, you can use dynamic urls and still have good SEO.

Don’t worry about Digg and Reddit.

Do worry about linking with relevant potential partners. You’re a free outlet for them.

Create a twitter, blog, facebook, myspace and squidoo.

Importing RSS is a great way to add content to your website. The function is built into Pligg.

Search engines do not like duplicate content. Be careful. You won’t find many Pligg sites that are successful on RSS import alone.

Try, try, try, again then try something else.

Realize that even great ideas can fail.

Be dedicated. Pligg sites are not easy to manage.

Be patient. Your site will probably not launch like a rocket, it will most likely start like a turtle.

Post yourself, especially on slow days.

Don’t hog the submissions. People will question your sites legitimacy, if they see you on the front page everyday. Remember, if you wanted to be the only poster, then you should have started a blog.

Don’t post as God. It makes you seem kind of arrogant. It is also not personalized.

Encourage originality during the article submission process.

Submit to search engines manually.

Redesign your Pligg site. Search engines appreciate the new look.

Thank your users in any way you see fit. Possibly, the best way, is by having competitions. You can use the live page as a means of statistical information and award the top posters with small prizes like a gift from Amazon or a free link in your sidebar.

Don’t exaggerate the importance of embedding videos. I know, videos are the latest phenomenon on the web, but you can still have a resourceful content-based site. A lot of these videos just die out, are subject to copyright infringement, while text lasts forever. I’m not ruling out videos, I’m just saying that you don’t necessarily need videos because everybody else is doing it.

Strength in numbers. The more people posting the better. You want diversity in opinion and differing view points to fight for the eyes of your audience.

You want a common purpose, but don’t risk becoming stale by having too many similar stories.

Work real hard. I promise you, people are not going to come out of the wood work to post on your site. You need to find your market and go appeal to them. Hopefully, you will bring a few back, but don’t count on it.

Submit to social networks as a means of advertising your Pligg. Not as much with your articles because you’re a social network.

Add your site to google webmaster tools, google analytics, and google everything.

Don’t put your Pligg at the root of the domain. Advice from Matt Cutts of Google in 2007 that seems to be respected.

Love your topic. You want to be very passionate about your Pligg site when you’re advertising it.

Be innovative. Think about what makes the social networks that you’re currently on great. Replicate that and expand on it.

Be willing to invest. You might need to be willing to invest in a customized template, a certain module that you’re being asked to add, a advertising campaign.

Most importantly, have fun. Starting a Pligg site, is not an expensive thing to do, start it as a hobby, and just enjoy it.

Read my article on Pligg Seo for more.

I’d like to give credit to the person who originally gave me the idea to put together a list like this, but I can’t find the article. Thanks to him, nevertheless, and be sure to comment with your own ideas.

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  1. Good post. Don’t forget about comments. Story comments really liven up a site.

    03/11/09, 4:51 am
  2. Greta tips. Thank you QKIN. Ill consider these tips in my new medical pligg community http://medic.al

    04/13/09, 9:30 am
  3. very nice tips! I have bookmarked your article. I used to clean the spams every week, now am doing it every day…thanks

    05/24/09, 1:07 am
  4. Tips are ok but i like the “Try, try, try, again then try something else.”

    05/24/09, 4:01 pm
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  6. thanks for its, btw i have indonesian social bookmarking 🙂 visit please, im use silverbullet

    03/06/11, 4:41 pm
  7. quite interesting and informative post, I am also using pligg platform for my website “Propeller D” and its very simple to manage the user and easy to moderate. i have little bit problem… can anyone tell me where I fix Google web-master code in pligg.

    Jessica erin

    09/24/11, 4:36 am
  8. really useful information,,tks for your nice shares..

    11/18/11, 2:22 am
  9. flame

    nice post

    04/27/12, 5:17 pm

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