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Do You Want To Give Your Site An AUTHORITY Status in Google?

Do you want to dominate front page of Google?

Are you seek of spending $$$ on SEO but not getting any results? If your answer was yes I am glad to introduce.


One service that touch all aspects of link building techniques and have enough power to rank any types of keywords.

We all know Google loves quality links. But if this links come naturally slowly and steadily each and every single day from different sources then what?? Yes friends we have tested with many competitive keywords yes I repeat… competitive keywords the result we get was just awesome.

To be frank we are not going to do anything differently but we will do thing differently. Every single day 5/6 well experienced staff will work for your site. They will use all free resources as well as paid resources like private blog network to gain links. The whole process will be fully manual. And the whole work will be distributed in such a way that’s its looks natural.

OK Let’s get straight to the point

What type of links am I going to get?

  1. Link Diversity that’s what we are giving more priority. That’s why we are trying to get links as many way as possible. You will get link from all free sources like directory links, article links(including ezinearticle, articlesbase,and all other important sites), social bookmarking links, web2.0 links, edu links, govt links, wiki links, profile links, web2.0 profile links, high pr manual blog comments links, yahoo answer links. Video links. Links from classified sites, documents sharing sites, press release sites as well as links from best private blog networks.
  2. We will create squidoo page and hub page and will promote that too.
  3. We will create 10-20 blog using free blog hosting sites( wordpress, blogger) and will post few articles every month.
  4. we not only build links to your money sites we also build links to all approved article links, hub pages, squidoo pages and free host blogs that we created for your money sites.
  5. We will build simple to compressive link pyramid looking at your competition
  6. And most important we don’t use any automated software. Our work will be 100% manual. So you can expect quality links from quality sites.

What you can expect with our Linkbuilding Service:

  • A team of professional, experienced staff who work for your site.
  • Complete headache free service, you do nothing, just provide us with your URL and keywords
  • Sandbox safe, No risk of Google dance or slap
  • Wide range of link diversity
  • See actual results every month
  • Cancel subscription at anytime

Is your service safe and panda proof?
Yes absolutely, as you can see we are not depending any single type of links. Our work includes a wide range of diversity. Our link building strategies is not fixed, every month we will change/modify our strategies looking at your keywords movements. And we don’t build thousands of links at once. Our main mote is to create links slowly steadily from different sources and keeps the whole process as natural looking as possible. And the most important we don’t use any automate software so you can except quality links from quality sites.   How much I need to pay for this Amazing service?



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157$ per Month


Right now we have only 20 spots once we reach we will close this service for few months.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How many Urls and keywords allow per order?
    Two different urls of same website and two keywords are advisable. But you are free to give us up to 4 different urls and keywords of same website. Mentioning 2 primary and two optional.
  2. Can i change my urls/keywords every month?
    Yes you can, just email us before the end of that month.
  3. Do I get a report of where links have been built?
    Yes at the end of every month you will get details report, including your keywords position.
  4. Will the links get deleted if I cancel my subscription?
    No. All links we create will remain permanent.
  5. Do you accept foreign language sites?
    Yes we accept but the article we use will be in English.
  6. Are you going to use unique content?
    Yes we but don’t except us to write hundreds of unique content every month. We are doing our best to utilize your money in proper way and give you maximum result.
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Let’s completely dominate your market and destroy your competitors in the Search Engines!!

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