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Prevent Digg From Crashing Your Server

A few tips to stop Digg from crashing your server. It will help you to save bandwidth and memory either way. I saw this one on Digg, and it’s basically specific to wordpress. Digg Crashing Server

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Free WordPress Newstheme

I was using this wordpress theme on a website, which failed from my lack of dedication. Now, I am making it free to download. Do as you please with it. Mutilate it in anyway you see fit. Sorry No longer …

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Custom Work

Right now, I am currently not accepting custom work projects. The brutal reality of it is. Life revolves around money, whether we like it or not. In order for me to not over charge people. I need a steady income. …

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Contact Us Was Broken

Unfortunately, you don’t always win, when you’re picking up wordpress Plugins. My previous contact us page, wasn’t working for a long time. I wondered why, I wasn’t getting any messages. So, please feel free to contact us, now that it …

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Multi X Template For Sale – 150 Dollars

We have decided to not make our latest template a commercial one. You can buy it and all exclusive rights in our new shop. If you have any questions, you can use the contact us at the top of the …

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extreme Templates to be Updated

As you know Pligg has updated once again. They have made the default template validate. The xtreme templates will be updated for 9.8 very soon with bug fixes and valid xhtml.

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