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Qkin Shop – Xtreme Orange

I think someone has been trying to order the xtreme orange template for a while, but seemed to mess up something when signing up and didn’t add all their information. If you would simply try to register a new account, …

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Very Small Bug Fixed With Xtreme Templates

Pecca noticed a problem with the rss icon not showing up on the front page, next to sort by year etc. All you have to do is download the template and put the new pligg.tpl file in, or you can …

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WordPress Free Template – Dark Mystic

We developed this template last year for wordpress. The template is valid xhtml and css. Dark Mystic is very dark and has them round corners everyone loves. Download Test Run

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Rewrite http:// to http://www.

One of the main reasons you would want to convert your domain to http://www, is to make search engines only see one webpage. You will avoid duplicate content on search engines by doing so. Simply add this to your .htaccess …

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Golf Schools in Florida

There are more than a few golf schools in Florida to choose from that teach you how to golf properly, but if you really want to learn the most effective, safest, and most fun way to golf, you should choose …

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