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AURA is a mini naww Squarespace 7.1 template designed for creators, side-hustlers, freelancers who know they need a website, but wanna start small or keep it simple. It’s the essentials: clear calls to actions for bookings or whatever , blog, subscribe and your Insta links. If you decide to make it yours, it’ll be transferred to you within 24 hours and it’ll be ready for you to just add in your branding and content. Nice — PLAY WITH THE DEMO pearler — Discounts on my website — Your FAQs Answered — WATCH ME TRANSFORM A TEMPLATE See how fast it can be: — My templates work just like any other Squarespace site, where everything – content, words, images, colours, fonts, moving sections up and down, deleting/adding/duplicating them – are all changeableto your taste and needs. WHAT’S INCLUDED A cool, split screen homepage Scrolly text features Instagram links / Linktree page Customised blog layout Predesigned email popup Cute blog tags feature A premade blog post layout Professional UX design for conversions Advanced CSS code tricks like hover buttons Trendy CSS borders aaaaand literally anything Squarespace is capable of, you can add: Portfolio sections, extra pages, commerce, etc HOW SIMPLE & MINI ARE WE TALKING?? Well, there’s less pages than a normal site. However, you’ve probably noticed it’s a little more interesting than most Squarespace templates. That’s because I’ve utilised some fancy CSS code to include animated buttons, scrolling text, trendy borders and prettier, minimalist versions of some of the default features SQS has. Basically, all the stuff you see on agency-built sites the kind I make in my 9 to 5 as a web designer . The good news? You barely need to touch any code the hard work is done for you, and all you need to do is pop in some colour codes which takes 2 minutes HOW IT WORKS Purchase it Within 24 hours, you’ll get an email inviting you to log in to your new Squarespace site your template will already be installed There’ll be a page called “How-To Videos”. Lots are optional to watch, but there’s 3 I recommend you see. Pour a cuppa and watch them for 15 minutes! Add your branding! That’s your logo, your colours, your fonts Add your page content – words, pictures, update your buttons, etc Go through your settings and add your business info – standard Squarespace stuff Send it to your friends to check over, then go live! You don’t need to purchase hosting beforehand. You’ll be getting a brand new site to you where you’ll connect your domain to Squarespace. WHAT’S INCLUDED A bunch of short and sweet how-to videos to help you customise each bit of the template Instructions on creating new pages utilising the pre-made, fancy sections Coding knowledge is on me! You don’t need to have this Email support if you’re struggling WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED The images, these are borrowed placeholders Lessons on how to use Squarespace on the whole. A basic level of knowledge is required, or a willingness to teach yourself! Any custom coding support, unless you want to remove any custom code I’ve put in already Applying this template to an existing site If you need my help, you can always book me on my day rate: YOU’LL NEED Squarespace’s ‘Personal’ plan If you want an email popup, this feature is only available on ‘Business’ A logo Words Images or just get some nice, free ones from FAQs Is it refundable? Given the nature of digital products, I can’t refund you once the email inviting your to your new site is sent. I have an existing Squarespace 7.0, can I still purchase this template? Switching from 7.0 to 7.1 regardless of buying a template or not, means that you’re still starting a ‘new’ site. There is no ‘transfer’ process. So yep, just purchase this template, you’ll get your new site, then you just drop in the content from your existing site manually. Once you’re ready to go live, you just connect your domain to the new one and cancel the old website subscription. I have an existing Squarespace 7.1, can I still purchase this template? You can, but there’s still a process of transferring your existing content over to your ‘new’ site. You can DIY this, or you can book me for a day to do it Do I purchase Squarespace hosting before receiving the template? Nah. You can buy it after is sent it to you. If you have an existing SQS website and have paid for an annual plan, that’s fine. You can contact SQS support to get them to refund you the pro-rated amount to put towards your new subscription. When I transfer you the new site, you’ll also get 20% off your first year of hosting plus the first year of your domain for free. Who is this for? If you’re bored of pastel, boho templates You want your brand to stand out in the competitive landscape You want something that doesn’t look cookie cutter You want an agency-level look for less You’re sick of Wix, WordPress etc and want something stable and beautiful You want something that looks like a developer has custom made it, without needing to talk t