Build Your Sales Funnel


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Build Your Sales Funnel A sales funnel is the journey a buyer goes through, from their first interaction with your brand to the final purchase. If you want your sales process to run as efficiently as possible, you absolutely must get your marketing sales funnel the process of converting a visitor into a paying customer right. I made you the 5 steps to building your sales funnel for your online business, all you have to do is fill in the steps. 1. Your End goal 2. Your Freebie Opt-in Page 3. Promote your freebie 4. Upsell Thank you 5. Welcome sequence LIVE PREVIEW Perfect for creative entrepreneurs, shopowners, Creative bloggers, fashion companies, and other small businesses. Can be used in a number of ways, to create your own personal style. Wat a strong sales funnel can do for you Engages and builds trust Guides through a sales experience Invites to purchase in a non-sales way Runs even when you’re busy doing other things WHAT’S INCLUDED All steps included; End Goal Printable Sheet Canva 18 page ebook Opt-In Page Elementor Canva Mock-Up Templates Lead Magnet/Promote Templates, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Presentation Elementor UpSell Page Elementor Thank you Page 6 Welcome Sequence Swipe File Templates Online Tools Canva Email Service Provider WordPress Elementor Evergreen Countdown Timer ATTENTION Also, separate available; Your Freebie – Opt-in Page – Promote your freebie – Upsell Thank you – Welcome sequence – CANVA INVITE You will need a free Canva account. A tutorial to get familiar with Canva is included. I present every bundle made with an easy folder structure. Canva collections will have a PDF instruction file containing the direct links to your Canva templates. Once you click the link provided, you will see the invite from Canva. Here you can see that I shared my templates with you. Go to the button below and click USE TEMPLATE. That’s it! The templates are ready to be edited. You can edit the fonts, background, and colors, and drag-around elements to create your own personal style. These Canva links are a property of Brand & Palms and may not be resold or shared. Brand & Palms is not related to Canva. I just use and love their program. Hi! You like these templates? Join our Template Membership and Unlock Unlimited access to EVERY template and digital file available INFORMATION We do not offer refunds on Instant Downloads, so we encourage you to ask all questions before purchase. If you have an idea or wish to collaborate with Brand & palms, please say hi. Details regarding licenses you can find here Thank you so much and enjoy creating. @brandandpalms