Transfer Dedicated Server and Where to?

Transferring a site or as you know multiple sites to a new server is a daunting task even for someone who is experienced like me. If you don’t know these quick commands then you’re in for a world of trouble.

If you use cPanel, lucky you, its much simpler, but that’s a tutorial for another day.

Those who currently have servers without cpanel and need to upgrade to a newer server, in order to take advantage of better hardware, this tutorial should be a great solution. Follow the instructions carefully with an understanding that some basic linux knowledge is required.

I beg you not to use FTP. It’s going to be slow and a waste of time. Obviously an SSH account is required, if you use Godaddy, that will be setup from the get go.

Start off by tarring your home directory on the old server. Most importantly this command will save your username permissions.

Tar it

tar pzcvf home.tgz /home/

Make a directory /home/test/ on your new server.

scp home.tgz username@ip:/home/test/home.tgz

Untar from the new server.

tar -xvf /home/test/home.tgz

Copy directories individually, overwrite files only if necessary.

cp -R /home/test/directory1 /home/test/directory2 /home/test/directory3

Dump all databases from your old server.

mysqldump -u "your_username" -p --lock-tables \\
--all-databases > localhost.sql

Transfer all databases.

scp localhost.sql username@ip:/home/test/localhost.sql

Import databases on new server.

mysql -u "your_username" -p  < localhost.sql

If you want a shortcut and you use myisam databases then you can copy straight from /var/lib/mysql/.

Make sure to lock tables before hand.

scp /var/lib/mysql/ database.sql database2.sql username@ip:/home/test/

Remember when you setup your new accounts to use the same usernames as you did on your old server to avoid permission issues.

That’s it.

If you’re still looking for dedicated hosting. I can recommend Godaddy without hesitation. I’ve been thrilled with the upgrades that they’ve made over the past few years, ever since Qkin switched to them for our primary sites in 2007 (after miserable experiences with other hosts) we’ve been completely impressed.

Dedicated Servers at

I really recommend that you check out the Godaddy servers, our affiliate that we use (feel free to whois). Refunds are also available which puts you in a fortunate position to register for a year and save 10% with their extended plan.

Servers are setup in mere hours without additional charge.

Windows is not my favorite operating system, it is available but costs a lot more money. Remember, linux is free.

The value deal is absolutely exceptional.
    o Cost: 1000 dollars a year, possibly less.
    o OS: Linux CentOS
    o CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo - 2.13 GHz
    o RAM: 2 GB
    o Storage: 2 x 300 GB hard drives
    o Bandwidth: 1,000 GB per month

That is going to be extremely cheap, relatively speaking. If you want to be a bit more frugal then go for a VDS from Godaddy. I don’t recommend shared hosting to anyone who has a site with a large amount of traffic.

VDS value deal.
  o Cost: 400 dollars a year, possibly less.
  o OS: Linux CentOS
  o RAM: 2 GB
  o Storage: 30 GB
  o Bandwidth: 1,000 GB/mo

The Godaddy panel is really basic. Nothing over the top, but it surely accomplishes the job. Especially when it comes to setting up DNS and e-mail which is tedious with command line. If you include cPanel with the Godaddy package then you’re going to be paying 400 more bucks a year.

How to access the panel.

The only drawback is the fact that it uses Java. Remember to shut it off when you’re not using it.

./turbopanel stop
./tomcat stop

Reasons you might not like Godaddy.

 o Customer Service can be annoying.
 o Managed servers are expensive!
 o Shared hosting is said to be terrible!
 o Backup your own stuff, be responsible.
 o Bandwidth charges, set limits. 

I hope the tips that I’ve given helped with your server change. Feel free to provide any other tips in the comment section. Any dialogue, commentary, or questions, are also welcome.

Dedicated Servers at

If you sign up with Godaddy through my affiliate. I’ll help you move your site/sites for free, without charge, if you’d like, and might volunteer to do more than that

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