I am absolutely impressed by my friend at Think Design as he has just released his second wordpress theme for free.

The theme was hand-coded by me with valid xhtml/css. Of course, the lay out was created by Think Design.

I would describe the theme as a nice, clean theme with subtle design elements. An easy to use interface for the viewers of your website. Did I mention its free?

A lot of great themes are released for wordpress on a consistent basis, but many are over complicated or too similar to previous designs, which isn’t the case for Versatility Lite.

The sidebar serves as a convenient space for advertising purposes. You can simply add your Adsense code or other source. Most webmasters will able to modify their theme accordingly.

The sidebar also comes with a variety of simple navigation to help your users maneuver through out the site.

You can learn a lot more about Versatility Lite over at Think Design.

The license allows for modification for your own purposes or to build upon the work. As long as credit is given to the original author.

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